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Explore The Best Places To Visit In Igatpuri!

There are many tourist attractions in Igatpuri that you must explore. We have listed the best sightseeing places to visit in Igatpuri that one should not miss. If you want to make the most out of your vacation at Nature’s Dreamland Holiday Homes, you should not miss these must-see attractions.


Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards is a well-known winery in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. It is well-known for making some of India's finest wines and has received numerous accolades for its high-quality products. It is among the best places to visit in Igatpuri.


Sula Vineyards, in addition to making wines, provides a variety of events for guests. You can take a vineyard walk, learn about the wine-making process and sample their wines. Sula Vineyards also has an eatery, spa, and lodge, making it an ideal location for a peaceful weekend and among the best places to visit in Igatpuri, Nashik. 


Visiting Sula Vineyards is a must-do if you're searching for activities to do in Nashik. The farm is about 25 kilometres from the city centre and can be reached by vehicle or taxi. It is also among the best places to visit near Igatpuri which is 43 kilometres away.

Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar Temple is a well-known Hindu religious spot in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. The shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva and is one of the country's twelve Jyotirlingas. It is a scenic and spiritual location because it is located on the banks of the sacred Godavari River and is encircled by lush green hills. It is among the best places to visit in Igatpuri. 

The sanctuary was built in an ancient manner and is decorated with elaborate carvings and statues. It also contains the Kushavarta Kund, a holy pond thought to be the source of the Godavari River. Throughout the year, the temple draws a significant number of devotees and visitors, particularly during the yearly Trimbakeshwar Mela. It is located 28 kilometres from Nashik and 50 kilometres from Itagpuri.


Bhavali Dam

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Igatpuri is the Bhavali Dam. This natural sanctuary is nestled among lush green slopes and encircled by calm waterways. The dam on the Bhavali River is a favourite picnic and day excursion destination.


The view from the dam's summit is truly magnificent, with the calm waters of the lake below and the gorgeous hills in the distance. You can also take a boat trip on the lake and appreciate the scenery.


Aside from its natural beauty, Bhavali Dam is also a popular destination for photographers looking to catch breathtaking scenery photos. So, if you're searching for places to visit in Igatpuri, make sure to include Bhavali Dam on your itinerary.

Tringalwadi Lake And Fort

Tringalwadi Lake and Fort is a famous tourist attraction and among the best places to visit in Igatpuri. Tringalwadi Lake and Fort, located just a short distance from the main town, provide tourists with a beautiful view of nature as well as the chance to participate in some outdoor activities.


The Tringalwadi Fort, located 3,000 feet above sea level, provides a panoramic perspective of the nearby mountains and rivers. Built in the 10th century, the fort acted as a watchtower for the Maratha forces during battles with the British.

The Tringalwadi Lake is a famous picnic and recreation location at the foot of the Tringalwadi Fort. The tranquil waters of the lake, encircled by verdant green hills, provide a tranquil setting for tourists to relax and enjoy nature's beauty. It is among the best places to visit in Igatpuri. 

Visitors can hike up to the fort for a spectacular sundown view or participate in adventure activities such as rock climbing and rappelling. The Tringalwadi Fort is also a famous location for camping and overnight stays, enabling tourists to enjoy the fort's beauty and the nearby scenery under the starry night sky.

Vaitarna Dam.jpg

Vaitarna Dam

If you're searching for a serene and peaceful spot in Igatpuri, Vaitarna Dam is a must-see. It is one of the most attractive dams near Igatpuri, offering a stunning perspective of nature's splendour. Vaitarna Dam is an excellent destination for those who appreciate being in nature and enjoying its tranquillity. It is among the best places to visit in Igatpuri.

The dam is located on the Vaitarna River, which is Mumbai's primary source of water provision. The barrier produced a lovely lake that is ideal for fishing, sailing, and other aquatic activities. Furthermore, the lush vegetation and scenic splendour surrounding the dam provide tourists with a relaxing experience in Igatpuri and Nashik. 

Vaitarna Dam is also ideal for wildlife photographers, as it provides breathtaking views of the nearby hills and valleys. The surrounding region is home to a variety of flora and fauna, making it an ideal destination for environment enthusiasts. 

The dam's stunning sunrise and sunset vistas are worth seeing. Vaitarna Dam should be on your list of places to visit in Igatpuri if you are considering a trip there. This lovely destination is readily approachable by road, and you can enjoy a relaxing ride while taking in the scenery.

Ashoka Falls

Ashoka Waterfalls is a famous place to visit in Igatpuri. The waterfall is set among lush vegetation and is ideal for nature enthusiasts. It's the perfect spot for a day excursion or lunch with family and friends.


Ashoka Waterfalls, located in the Sahyadri ranges, is a spectacle to witness. The waterfall flows down from a height of 120 feet, providing a breathtaking perspective. The sound of the cascade and the chilly breeze make this a perfect location for rest and rejuvenation.

For those who enjoy spending time in nature, Ashoka Waterfalls is one of the best places to visit in Igatpuri. The cascade is encircled by thick woods and provides an ideal getaway from the city's hustle and bustle. Visitors can also refresh themselves by taking a refreshing plunge in the waterfall's cold water.

Overall, Ashoka Waterfalls is a must-see in Igatpuri for environment lovers and those wanting peace and quiet. Don't neglect to include Ashoka Waterfalls in your itinerary if you're searching for places to visit in Igatpuri.

Ashoka Falls.jpg

Dugarwadi Waterfalls

The Dugarwadi Waterfalls is a secret treasure in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green woods and is fueled by the Dugarwadi River. The waterfall is approximately 30 feet high and cascades down a rocky precipice, producing a breathtaking visual show. It is among the best places to visit in Igatpuri. 

The cascade is encircled by beautiful scenery and is an excellent location for hiking and camping. Visitors can bathe in the natural pool at the foot of the cascade, picnic on the adjacent riverbank, or simply relax in the peaceful surroundings.


Dugarwadi Waterfalls should be at the top of your list of "places to visit near Nashik." It is approximately 30 kilometres from the city centre and is readily accessible by vehicle or bicycle. It is also among the best places to visit near Igatpuri as well since it is 58 kilometres away. It is among the best places to visit in Igatpuri. 

Bitangad Trek

If you enjoy the excitement and want to experience an adrenaline high, the Bitangad Trek is the place to be. Bitangad Trek, located in the natural grandeur of Igatpuri, provides tourists with an exciting hiking experience. It is among the best places to visit in Igatpuri, Nashik. 

As you journey through the rugged landscape, you will see breathtaking panoramic views of the verdant green mountains and rivers. The journey to Bitangad Fort is a medium-level hike appropriate for both seasoned and novice trekkers.

The Bitangad Fort is a historical wonder situated at an elevation of 3,500 feet above sea level. The fort provides a beautiful perspective of the Sahyadri mountain range and nearby valleys. It is among the best places to visit in Igatpuri.

If you're going to Igatpuri, make sure to include the Bitangad Trek in your schedule. It is one of the finest locations to explore in Igatpuri for wildlife and adventure enthusiasts.

Bitangad Trek.jpg
Vipassana Centre.jpg

Vipassana Centre

Vipassana International Academy, located in the peaceful hills of Igatpuri, is a famous location for those seeking inner serenity and spiritual development. The facility provides a 10-day meditation training to individuals of all backgrounds and countries.

Vipassana Centre, one of the best places to visit in Igatpuri, offers a serene atmosphere for those seeking to disconnect from the hustle and commotion of daily life. The centre is encircled by lovely natural surroundings and offers comfortable lodging to its visitors.

The Vipassana Centre's training is intended to assist participants in developing awareness of themselves through meditation. Experienced teachers lead participants through several meditation methods during the course.

Whether you want to enhance your spiritual practice or just get away from the pressures of everyday life, the Vipassana Centre in Igatpuri is a must-see. It's the ideal location to revitalise your mind, body, and spirit, with its peaceful atmosphere, gorgeous settings, and changing meditation course.

Kalsubai Park

The highest point in Maharashtra, Kalsubai Point, is situated in the Western Ghats region. It is located in the Maharashtra district of Ahmednagar and is a famous trekking location for action seekers. It is among the best places to visit in Igatpuri.

Kalsubai Peak rises 1,646 metres above sea level and provides panoramic vistas of the nearby hills and valleys. The journey to Kalsubai Peak is difficult, but the breathtaking vistas from the top make it worthwhile. The hiking route is characterised by steep ascents and rocky landscapes, which adds to the adventure's excitement. It is an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts and environment lovers.

Kalsubai Peak is also an excellent location for hiking. The summit's serene and peaceful environment is perfect for spending the night under the stars. The hiking path to Kalsubai Peak winds through verdant green woods, and the scenery is simply stunning.

Kalsubai Peak is a famous place to visit in Igatpuri, attracting visitors from all over India. The ideal time to explore Kalsubai Peak is during the monsoon season when the area is lush with vegetation and the waterfalls are at their most spectacular.

Kalsubai Park.jpg
Pandavleni Caves.png

Pandavleni Caves

Pandavleni caves are a collection of 24 Buddhist rock-cut caves in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. The Satavahana dynasty is thought to have constructed these caves around 2000 years ago. The caves, which are located on a slope, provide sweeping views of the city and nearby hills. It is among the best places to visit near Igatpuri. 

The caves are decorated with elaborate carvings and statues showing scenes from Buddha's and other Buddhist saints' lives. The most remarkable Chaitya has a stupa and a pillared chamber with intricate carvings. The Pandavleni Caves are an important archaeological location that draws a large number of history buffs and visitors, making it among the best places to visit in Igatpuri. 

Pandavleni Caves should be on your list of "things to do in Nashik." It is located approximately 8 kilometres from the city centre and is readily approachable by vehicle or bus. It's also a wonderful place to explore if you're close to Igatpuri, which is about 31 kilometres away.

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