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Corporate Outings Near Mumbai At The Best Resort In Igatpuri

Corporate Outings In Resort
Corporate Outings Near Mumbai At The Best Resort In Igatpuri

Corporate Outings have emerged as an important part of the work culture for quite some years. This trend is picking up in India as well. Mumbai, being the financial hub, is among the emerging markets to target for corporate events. Not only that, there are many weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune as well. Igatpuri, located in the Nashik district, is among the best destinations - known for its natural greenery and many attractions.

Corporate Outings: What Are They?

Corporate outings, as the name suggests, are excursions by corporations, firms and businesses for their employees, managers and leaders. The aim of these corporate outings is to help the team members take a break from their everyday work life grind. One of the most important components of corporate outings are team building activities. In team building activities, the team members engage in various games and activities to break the ice, and inculcate competition as well as cooperation. Here are some of the advantages of corporate outings:

Break From Routine

One of the biggest advantages of corporate outings is a break from routine. This is especially true for those living in Mumbai and Pune, especially with its local train journey and long traffic. Corporate Outings, especially at a resort, allows the employees to relax and unwind, and have fun.

There are many fabulous hill stations and beach destinations near Mumbai and Pune, such as Alibaug, Igatpuri, Panchgani, Ratnagiri, and Mulshi. These destinations are renowned for their natural beauty and tourist attractions. Corporate outings in resorts at these locations will be the perfect opportunity to give the employees a break.


Not only fun and games, corporate outings also involve meetings regarding the annual and quarterly performances. Of course, these things happen in the conference room as well. However, corporate outings give opportunities to the teams and the companies to do it in a unique way.

A resort naturally creates a more relaxed environment, and hence, the team members and the team leaders have a frank discussion, where team members can share their feedback, and the team leaders can give suggestions on how to improve their performance.

Ice Breaking

Corporate environment can often be stressful, competitive and monotonous. This can often have a detrimental impact on the relationship between teammates. Corporate Outings are a perfect opportunity to break the ice, and give colleagues the opportunity to relax and get to know each other better.

Corporate outings in resorts are especially a break opportunity for the employees and superiors to relax and have fun. Swimming pool, indoor games room as well as other recreational amenities make interactions even smoother.


Corporate Events are also the best way to recognize the team’s work and efforts to get the company running. With corporate outings in resorts, you can give them a much needed, and deserved vacation. Resorts with many amenities are a perfect place for a holiday especially those that offer a swimming pool, jacuzzi and more. The employees will feel appreciated due to getting a reward for their hard work.

Team Building Activities

Among the most important aspects of corporate outings are team building activities. It includes various games and activities that aim to keep the employees engaged and test themselves. The aim of these activities is to cultivate a feeling of cooperation and competitiveness, both which are an essential component of corporate life. Here are some of benefits of team building activities during corporate outings:

Enhanced Communication

One of the main advantages of corporate events is that it fosters communication among teammates. When you play games, or engage in activities, you need to have a working relationship to succeed. This is where team building activities play a huge role. Communication is an essential component of work, and corporate outings provide an opportunity for that.

Handling Conflicts And Difficult Situations

Along with cooperation, there are several chances of conflicts as well. Team building activities are a chance for employees to experience and handle conflicts in a fun way. In the corporate setting, conflicts are a part and parcel of life, and team building activities prepare you for that.

Problem Solving Skills

Team building activities are a perfect way to inculcate problem solving skills in employees. Team activities involve solving a certain goal, and the participants have to solve them to beat the other participants. In the workplace, problems are an integral part of life, and corporations have to solve problems quickly without disturbing the workflow.

Creativity and Innovation

Team Building Activities are also a great way to encourage innovation and creativity among the teammates. Many games and puzzles can help engage the problem solving skills of employees. Some of these problems require innovative solutions. Team members will apply these innovative strategies in their activities, and hence, it will help them in the corporate settings as well.

Corporate Outings At Our Resort In Igatpuri - Nature’s Dreamland Holiday Homes

For those who want to host corporate events in Igatpuri - Nature’s Dreamland Holiday Homes is the perfect place for you. We are located in Malunje, which is near the city. With our cottages, swimming pool, indoor games area and restaurant, we offer various amenities that will take corporate outings in resorts to the next level.

Our accommodations provide a unique experience to all our guests, especially the wooden and tent cottages. They are designed to transport you to a different world, away from the stress, hustle and bustle of city life. We offer a 3 Bedroom Villa, which has a spacious hall as well.

We have a swimming pool, which has a life of its own. As a cherry on the cake, we also offer Rain Dance to our guests. Surrounded by tent cottages, it gives an ambience like no other. Our multi cuisine restaurant offers Indian, Chinese and Multi cuisine delights. So what are you waiting for? Book a Corporate Outing at our resort now! Experience Igatpuri like never before! If you live in Mumbai, Pune or any other nearby cities, then our resort is the perfect getaway for you!

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